The Secret Life of Puppets

The Secret Life of Puppets

Thursday, March 11 and Saturday, March 13:

Interested in learning more about puppetry? Join us via Zoom for one or both of our live classes about this amazing art form!

Around the World and Through the Ages (Thursday, March 11 | 6:30 PM): Take a whirlwind tour of an art form that has delighted humans for eons — from when people played with shadows and fire to when people play with hi-tech engineering. Award-winning Minneapolis puppetry artists Shari Aronson and Chris Griffith will give you close-ups of the history behind the characters and styles that have spanned centuries and continents. With playfulness and humor, Z Puppets will guide you into a new understanding of how sticks, cloth, string and light come alive in the right hands. Geared toward ages 8-12 but all ages are invited to attend. Register here.

Puppetry Workshop (Saturday, March 13 | 10:30 AM): Get your imagination into action in this hands-on exploration of the magic of puppetry. This interactive demonstration will take you into the tricks and techniques of bringing characters alive by just using your hands, simple objects, action and reaction. No experience nor puppets needed — just a willingness to jump in and have fun experimenting (with opportunities to share your discoveries). You are able to attend this without attending Thursday’s session which goes into the history behind puppetry. Tap into the magic of puppetry with your own power of playfulness! Geared toward kids, ages 8-12. Register here. Interested adults can contact Angie Petrie at .

Both programs are live via Zoom. Registration is required. An email will be sent after registration with the Zoom meeting details. If you are new to Zoom, see these instructions on how to get started.

Programs are funded with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (Legacy).