Donating Materials FAQ

SPL is not currently accepting materials donations. When the library resumes donations, these are the following guidelines:

  • What kinds of donations does Stillwater Public Library accept?
    SPL accepts donations of books and audiovisual materials (DVDs and CDs) that are in good condition. The library does not accept magazines, records, cassettes, books with mold or handwriting or highlighting, textbooks, or three-dimensional items. Please package all materials in boxes or bags that can be left with the donation. We cannot return boxes or bags.
  • What happens to my book once I donate it?
    Unless it is added to the library’s collection, it may be sold in the Friends of Stillwater Public Library book sales to benefit the library. Materials containing outdated information will be recycled.
  • Once I donate my book, can I get it back?
    Once you give materials to the library, the gift becomes the property of the library or the Friends of Stillwater Public Library. We are unable to return donated materials.
  • If I donate an item to the library, can you tell me how much it is worth for I. R. S. purposes?
    By law, we cannot determine the value of a donation for I. R. S. purposes. We can supply you with a receipt that acknowledges the donation you made to the library. You will have to provide the valuation to I. R. S.
  • If you will not accept my donation, do you have a list of other places that might?
    Information about other agencies that may accept your donations is available from the Information Center staff.