Print from Anywhere

Print from here, there, anywhere!
Whether you are at home, at the library or on the go, you can now send documents to the library’s printer from your computer or mobile device and pick them up when you are ready. Need a physical copy of a boarding pass, an email, or an online recipe? Print by sending an email, uploading to a web portal or using an app. Standard printing rates of 15¢ per page for black and white and 75¢ for color apply.

Print by attaching a document to an email:

For black and white:
For color:

Print by uploading a document:

Find WashCoLib Stillwater Public Library.
Select Black/White or Color.
Enter an email address to identify the print job.
Upload a file and select the print icon.

Print via a mobile app:

PrinterOn, a mobile printing app that allows you to access over 10,000 public print locations worldwide (including our libraries!) is available for Android and iOS devices.