Marketing Materials

Stillwater Public Library is often asked to add items to our collection that are independently written and/or published. This can include materials that are self-published or published through micro-niche publishers. There are now more “nontraditional” titles published than from traditional publishers. The librarians at Stillwater Public Library have no efficient way to evaluate all of these titles to make informed decisions on selection.

The best way to bring a title to our attention is through reviews.
Review sources that specialize in self-published and small press materials include the following:

  • PW Select, self-published book reviews from Publishers Weekly
  • ForeWord Reviews, reviews books that are independently published
  • Midwest Book Review has a monthly Small Bookwatch
  • Independent Publisher, an online magazine that includes book reviews and resources for small presses and authors.

A positive review in one or more of the library review journals, such as Library Journal, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, or a local Twin Cities newspaper will give your book an improved chance for purchase by Stillwater Public Library (and other public libraries as well).

As a public library that focuses on items in popular demand, we select materials whose content is aimed at the general reader/listener rather than for the specialist or practitioner.  Also, due to constant use by the public, the Library purchases materials that are sturdily packaged.

If you would like Stillwater Public Library to consider your materials, please send a fact sheet with the professional reviews attached to:

Stillwater Public Library
Attention: Acquisitions
224 Third Street North, Stillwater, MN 55082

Librarians generally have only a few seconds to look at promotional material so it is to your advantage to emphasize the essentials. The fact sheet sent to the Stillwater Public Library should include:

  • WHAT is the content of the item? This summary should be brief and pithy.
  • WHY the item is needed at Stillwater Public Library? Here you should include quotations from reviews, or reader/listener testimonials if you have them. If the item has been reviewed, you should also attach a copy of the review.
  • WHO is the intended audience? Is it intended for adults, young adults, or children? Parents, businesspersons, hobbyists, etc.
  • NAME of the author/artist. This should include qualifications, such as experience as a writer, experience in the field, etc. Be sure to mention that you are a local author/artist or publisher, since this is a factor in our decision whether to buy materials.
  • WHEN, WHERE, etc. the item was published/created. We need all the bibliographic data: date of publication, price, ISBN number (very important), etc. If the book is self-published, please give some indication of its appearance (size, type of binding, etc.). CDs and other audiovisual materials need ID numbers.
  • HOW can Stillwater Public Library purchase it? Libraries prefer to buy from wholesale vendors, such as Baker and Taylor or Brodart. If the item is listed at or make note of this. If the item is only available directly from you, be sure to provide contact information (phone number, address, and email address). Be prepared to accept purchase orders, and to wait several weeks for payment.

If you send a sample copy to the library, it will not be returned in the event the title is not purchased. We will treat your item as a donation. Stillwater Public Library reserves the right to dispose of unsolicited materials in any manner it deems appropriate.

If you would like to donate a title to be added to the library collection, please note that the above procedure must be followed. Mention on your fact sheet that you are willing to donate a copy.

If your book is available in digital form (eBook), Stillwater Public Library does not have the technology to host and circulate eBooks except through our vendors (Overdrive and 3M Cloud Library). You must sell or donate your eBook to one or both of the above vendors before we can consider adding your eBook to our collection. Drop in visits to market your book are not encouraged.