In the Gallery: Michael DeMeglio

In the Gallery: Michael DeMeglio

October & November:

The gallery features the exhibit A Tale of Art and Music by artist Michael DeMeglio. The exhibit includes Michael’s acclaimed Beethoven works, inspired by movements of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, as well as works of art that focus on telling a story within a visual image. Michael does not limit his works to a specific medium, instead choosing acrylic, oil, watercolor or sketch as the piece calls for it. Some of Michael’s paintings include an amalgamation of three or more mediums to achieve the depth of color and texture that he is feeling. Michael invites us on a journey through his art – “A picture, like the written word, tells a story. Just as the minds eye fills in a picture when you read a book, my works ask the story to come to you as you view them. What do you hear? Who was there? The same concept also applies to music. The ebb and flow of the notes build feeling that translated with paint creates a whole new experience.  As an artist, I wish to encourage people to use their imagination to add another layer to what I have presented.”

As a self-taught Twin Cities artist, Michael DeMeglio has studied extensively and is inspired by old masters of both expressionist and impressionist movements to paint with feeling more than precision. Michael hails originally from the Detroit area where his Italian background and family appreciation of artwork taught him a spicy love of color. He studied Graphic Design at Gallaudet University but finds his happiness in the freedom of paint and marker. When not painting, Michael is a deaf-blind intervener where he works closely with students who have visual and auditory loss.

The exhibit begins October 5 and runs through November. It is viewable during library hours. Meet the artist at an opening reception in the gallery on Tuesday, October 5 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.  During the opening, patrons will have the opportunity to wear headsets to hear the movement of the symphony that inspired the Beethoven artwork.

View our artist brochure to learn more about Michael and his work.