Be in the Loop at Stillwater Public Library

What is a Hearing Loop?

A Hearing Loop is an assistive listening system that delivers a clear, pure sound directly to hearing aids. Hearing loop systems pick up sound from a microphone and deliver it, without background noise, to the t-coil in a user’s hearing aid or cochlear implant.

Where are hearing loops located in Stillwater Public Library?

Hearing Loops are located in the library’s meeting rooms and storytime room. Look for the Hearing Loop sign to know where one is installed.

In Margaret Rivers B and the Storytime Room, the presenter wears a microphone. For everyone who switches their hearing device to t-coil mode, the speaker’s voice, and only the speaker’s voice, is delivered directly to the listeners’ ears. The sound isn’t louder, it is clearer and without background noises. It’s as if the speaker were sitting right next to the listener.

In the conference room and Margaret Rivers A, there is an array of microphones in the ceiling above the table. For everyone who switches their hearing device to t-coil mode, every voice around the table is delivered directly to the listeners’ ears – not amplified but as clearly as if they were speaking directly into each listener’s ear.

How do I use a hearing loop?

All cochlear implants and most hearing aids have a t-coil program. If you’re not sure, check with your audiologist. It may just need to be activated. To connect to the hearing loop, switch to t-coil mode by pushing a button on the hearing device or selecting it on your phone.

To learn more about your hearing aids and t-coils consult your hearing device provider.


Library spaces are in the Loop thanks to the generosity of these donors to the Stillwater Public Library Foundation: John Baird, Friends of the Stillwater Public Library, Huelsmann Foundation, Lakeview Hospital & Stillwater Medical Group, Reynolds Audiology and Anonymous Donors. The Stillwater Public Library Foundation raises funds to expand the reach and impact of the Stillwater Public Library.


“Hearing Loops allow users to participate more fully in meetings and activities at the library. Our community is fortunate to have this valuable resource at the Stillwater Public Library. Stay connected, it’s why we are here.”


Dr. Jennifer Reynolds