Copy Requests

Due to their unique or fragile nature, or for other reasons, some materials in the St. Croix Collection may not be copied; others may be copied by library staff only. The number of copies that may be copied for a given user may be limited, and most copies are subject to a preservation fee.

On-site Copying

Patrons who visit the library must check with staff before copying materials. The library has a public photocopier, and the St. Croix Collection houses a public computer and scanner that are available for public use for copying selected St. Croix Collection materials. A personal computer and scanner may be used for copying St. Croix Collections materials, however, the preservation fee still applies.

Off-site Copy Requests

Requests for copies via telephone, U. S. Postal Service mail, or email should be sent to the attention of the Information Center. The copy fee is $1.00 per copy, which includes postage and handling. Limits may apply.

Copying Fees

In all cases, copyright laws apply.

Item Copy Method Who Copies Charge Limits
Clipping file items. Any copying method. Patron self-service. 15¢ (75¢ color) per copier page. None
Database documents. Print off. Patron self-service. 15¢ (75¢ color) per page. None
Microfilm or microfiche resources. M-film / fiche reader/printer / scanner Patron self- service. Scan to USB free, print 25¢ per page. None
City directories, books, maps, photographs, etc. Any copying method. Check with staff. $1.00 per page. Check with staff.
Photographs. (with negative number) Photographic print duplication MN Historical Society
St. Paul, MN
Inquire at MHS. Inquire at MHS
Photographs. Any copying method. Self-service by patron or staff. $1.00 per copy. By special arrangement.
Other items. Any copying method. Staff or patron depending. Scans are $1.00 per scan. Patron provides CD or flash drive.
If patron has own lap top, camera or scanner, fees still apply.
By special arrangement.